Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The NUTRITIONAL magic of Red Onions

Although both garlic and onions have powerful nutrition benefits, I'll focus on red onions for a bit. Perhaps because red onions add such a great dimension to foods. Have you ever tried them in an ordinary sandwich? You should! Carmelized onions takes an ordinary turkey sandwich to another level! Check out the link above to see how to carmelize an onion -- it is well-worth it.

But I digress, in giving your body the additional health boost that it needs can provide you with so many benefits such as simply feeling better, being more alert and aware of your surroundings which ties in with maximizing on your productivity at work or play. Who doesn't like to feel good? Naturally!

This delicious plant has wonderful nutritional properties that include quercetin, allicin and chromium which all assist your body in fighting off cancer before it starts, fighting off bacteria which can lead to unhealthful ailments, keeping your heart healthy, reducing high blood pressure and insulin resistance and can even help with losing weight!

Red onions in particular contain quercetin which is a flavonoid or plant pigment that is found in many fruits, vegetables and grains. The benefits of what it does for the body are great because of its protective anti-inflammatory properties that assist in everything from keeping colds away to even offering the body a better defensive armor against other impending diseases.

Another wonderful and beneficial health-promoting compound that is found in onions (garlic too) is found in allicin. This compound has proven to assist in promoting a healthy heart, reducing high blood pressure and even the prevention of cancer. Allicin is best drawn from the onion when it is crushed or chopped and it helps to even let the chopped/crushed onion sit for a few minutes before it is used in cooking to draw out its powerful benefits.

Onions have a large amount of a trace mineral called Chromium. Chromium helps in controlling the body's glucose levels and ultimately metabolism. It especially helps those who suffer from insulin resistance. This is when the body can no longer use the hormone insulin -- which is crucial for healthy cell function. So, lacking in foods that are rich in chromium -- like onions -- can increase your risk of other ailments that come from insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Some other ways that red onions benefit the body? Onions have a low glycemic number. This number is reflective of how carbohydrate-containing foods raise or affect our blood sugar levels. Using the glycemic index is especially important for diabetics.

Nutrition found in Red Onions:
  • Low glycemic index rating (GI) Rating of 10.
  • Low in calories; high in great taste
  • Macronutrients: Made mostly of carbohydrates and water with no fat content.
  • Red onions are high in vitamin C and B6 and a terrific source of chromium.
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