Friday, July 25, 2014

Then....comes the weekend...

So many times our best intentions can become derailed on the weekends. I myself need to remind myself of this every time another weekend rolls around. But, with a little planning, it doesn't have to be this way. As the week comes to a close, its good to re-visit all the good stuff you've done regarding exercising every day, taking good portion-controlled healthy snacks to work, eating sensibly and even getting enough good "shut-eye" during the week. Why should that all be thrown away when Friday rolls around?
As this article points out, there are various reasons for this. Here is a quick outline to review before Friday arrives:
1) Normally the weekend allows more free time which is a good opportunity to have a longer workout. This could even mean working out and being outdoors -- which normally leads to more walking -- all good stuff.
2) If you have discipline to pack your lunch with healthy snacks during the week, why not continue that on the weekend? In trying to keep a schedule during the weekend, it could help alleviate food temptations.
3) Sleep is super important and still should be considered super important on the weekends. So veering off your normal sleep schedule from the week may make it harder to make sure you sleep well on the weekends.
4) Once again, getting outdoors can ensure that you keep healthy, good activity levels going by boosting your metabolism even more.
5) Everything in moderation -- food & exercise.
6) At least attempting to be aware of how many calories are in drinks can minimize the amount you drink -- it can be so easy to drink your calories and not be aware of it.
7) Doing what you can to de-stress is always a good thing -- relax, watch a movie, read a book.
  8) Look at what you eat as being part of a good and healthy lifestyle change, not a diet. There is a big difference.
9) If you jump on the scale Monday morning, you could be pleasantly surprised if you start to follow the above rules.
10) Lastly, plan your weekday meals on Sunday. Maybe in making a good and hearty casserole or preparing some proteins to add to salads would be a good incentive. And lastly, if the weekend doesn't turn out the way you hoped, there is always another attempt tomorrow. Just keep trying....

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