Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What Is Clean Eating?

We've heard quite a bit about "clean eating" these days. It doesn't refer to how "clean" your food is (although we sure hope it is), but rather how good the food is for your body. There can be different terms applied to clean food -- like, "slow food" or  even "real food" or "whole food".

For whatever terminology you prefer going with, the concept is pretty much the same. Stick to as close to unprocessed foods as possible, eat to make it count -- nutritionally speaking. Respect and know where your food comes from and how it arrived at your table.

We've all gotta eat, right? But, it is in choosing the right kinds of foods to eat that will do so much to determine our productivity for the day, how "clean" our complexions are and how "fit" our bodies will be. In thinking about how food can truly be part of a healthy and delicious lifestyle choice, your lifestyle choice will no doubt improve no matter what!

Check out the meaning of "Clean Eating" here....

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