Thursday, August 28, 2014

10 Great Reasons to buy Locally-Sourced Food

With the proliferation of people wanting to know where their food comes from, there is also an increasing amount of reasons to buy and eat locally-sourced food whenever possible.

In buying locally sourced food, people can rest assured in knowing that their food will not only
be delicious, but it also supports good sustainable farming practices and contributes to the local economy. In addition, consumers can truly feel good about making better economical food
choices that don't involve miles of unnecessary food travel.

There are many more reasons in buying local, here are 10 reasons:

1)    Fresh & Tasty Food

2)    Sustainable Farming

3)    Natural tasting food -- truly natural -- with no preservatives

4)    Local Economy

5)    Ecosystem Benefits

6)    Less distribution costs

7)    Diversity of Diet

8)    More Eco-friendly

9)    Healthier for us

10)  Creates self-reliance

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