Friday, August 29, 2014

GRAS: Generally Recognized As Safe?

There is a lot in the news these days about Big Food, the broken Food System and the use of unwarranted ingredients in the foods we typically eat from the grocery store. We are continually caught in a vicious cycle of "good foods" "bad foods" and "portion control".

In short, people are confused. While yes, I absolutely agree that eating in moderation is key, eating in moderation may have a different meaning -- to just about anyone. Then, what about another difficult issue to tackle -- namely, who really determines what foods are safe for us to eat! Would you trust a complete stranger with feeding your own school-aged child (let alone an infant) a nutritionally-balanced meal?

At the same time, how is it that we are so trusting of those that set the rules of the foods we eat and those that label those foods as "GRAS", generally recognized as safe. The FDA? If you haven't been aware of such issues as food labeling/food safety, it would be wise of you to become more informed about food safety in general. In the following article by Food Safety News, there is evidence that:

 “While industry initiative and cooperation is integral to ensuring the safety of food ingredients, it is not an acceptable substitute for government regulation,” said Donna Solen, CFS senior attorney. “The stakes are simply too high in the area of food safety to allow industry to fill a void left by FDA. For nearly 20 years, FDA has failed to even finalize the regulations that govern GRAS substances, and this is another example of its inaction in this key realm of public health.”
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