Monday, August 18, 2014

If We ONLY Knew What We Were Eating...

Given your own choice, would you eat something that could seriously and potentially harm your health? If you knew that the foods you are feeding your kids were not good for them in the long run, would you care? If you knew that you were pre-diabetic and you didn't even know it or if you knew the foods you were eating were promoting more of a chance of getting sick, would you still eat them?

Today we have so many concerns regarding our food -- how it affects us, how much we should eat, is it nutritious enough, does it cause allergies? How does what we eat affect our chances of ending up in a hospital due to a chronic disease that could have been prevented if we only paid more attention to eating/living better? We hear it all the time in the media, in schools at our jobs -- "these are the 10 worst or best foods to eat"; "foods that cause weight gain or weight loss"; "too many food additives" and so on and so on.

It just is wise to read up from reputable sources that could be verified as factual and ones that give explanations with statistical information as an example. Some of the best and current news to keep up with is really learning what affects our overall health. How can we eat better? How can we live healthier? How can we be the most productive? How do we live more healthfully?

Here are some good links to look at:

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