Friday, August 8, 2014

Invest in YOUR Health; Invest in YOUR Retirement Account

I find making a powerful comparison about investing in one's health or one's retirement account can make a strong impact on the way we view health in general. Many times we don't even think about what we are eating as we run from one appointment to another or we attend a business luncheon with less than desirable food choices. And how many times does one stop and think to compare their retirement account to their health -- especially on a day-to-day basis when we are just trying to work
hard, pay the bills and spend some time with family or friends?

As this article points out, drastic changes need not be made, but making changes that are good for our health can add to healthier years and that becomes a smart investment. If we can start to think of placing more value on how much we spend and how much we save, we can then draw that same parallel to how much good food or unhealthful food choices we make. Ultimately, what we save in our retirement accounts is really up to how much we value our quality of life and our happiness. This same premise could be used for the investment of foods we eat. After all, we really are what we eat.

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