Friday, August 1, 2014

Why is biodiversity important?

Our American Diet is SAD -- the Standard American Diet -- literally, just SAD. It contains mostly carbohydrates which more than likely is not a vegetable, but rather deep-fried foods (or deep-fried vegetables), a lot of protein which also may be high in fat and an overabundance of sugar which eventually turns into fat in our bodies. There are a variety of reasons for these changes as our world has changed in so many ways. But, it is so interesting to me that as mankind has advanced in so many ways -- technologically, with career advancements and high demands from life in general -- that we don't eat better!

In reality, the SAD diet doesn't help in our advancements in so many ways; on the contrary, we've now seen tremendously high healthcare issues surrounding medical care with regard to patients. Diseases that once were a rarity are more of a commonality, why? Our diets!

It would be one thing if this SAD diet promoted better health and nutrition, but sadly, it doesn't. We really do need to understand why biodiversity is important. A healthy biodiversity would provide so many things such as soil protection and formation, nutrient storage, a better care of our ecosystems in general and all of these things would result in better nutritional foods and medical resources. Our government has subsidized so many of the crops that contribute to the obesity/diabetes/high blood pressure society that we see today. It would be great to have fruits and vegetables subsidized, wouldn't you say? If our culture and society is to change, we need help not only from our immediate families and local community, but beyond that to our government and large companies that will support and promote the healthier foods rather than the unhealthy ones.

There are many pieces to the puzzle in creating a productive and healthy society, but it needs to start with awareness, further education and a willingness to step out of our comfort zones and start cooking again, experimenting with new ingredients and having the support of family and friends that would help in keeping us on tract for a healthier life in general. Thoughts?

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