Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 Restaurant Trends for 2015

Hard to believe, but 2015 is merely 71 days away! That's a little over 2 months! So what can we expect with changes in the restaurant world? The following are 10 trends for 2015...Below is a brief description of the 10 trends, but to get an even better understanding, go to the article listed in the link above.

1) Pictures. Customers love their phones and their cameras, so what better way to enjoy
your food than by taking a picture first.

2) Small-minded. In this sense, small-minded is not a bad thing. Diners are enjoying smaller
yet adaptable food portions and it looks like we will be seeing menus that are more targeted toward proper menu labeling.

3) Food service demand grows.  Now technology has made a serious impact in the food world with sophisticated onsite restaurants to focus their efforts in education and healthcare as an example. With regard to restaurants, there will be more demand for pop-ups and more tech friendly devices that encourage further food service growth.

4) Signature beverages. While many restaurants distinguish themselves with their cocktail lists, signature beverages will not necessarily mean strictly alcoholic beverages. Now, there will be more non-alcoholic versions presented on menus like pressed juices or special teas.

5) Food-focused Asian Influence. Yes, more spicy ramen noodles and Asian street food.

6) Going bold with bitters. This list can include anything from darker coffees, intensely flavored chocolate and hoppy beers.

7) DIY Health. Menus become more flexible with the particular needs of the diner like adding gluten-free options or Paleo options or Vegan...

8) Micro-local. There will be more of a focus on local all around. This includes house-purified water and locally manufactured beers and liquors.

9) Value in the people. What does this mean? Consumers will and are becoming more aware of the importance of fair treatment and generally good opportunity for the employee. Farmers are becoming more valuable as well.

10) Generation Z. This is the generation that comes after Millennials. As younger diners make more demands for high-tech service, the food experience will become even more meaningful and awareness will become heightened in the digital world.

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