Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10 Terrible Nutrition Myths

It is as natural to just about anyone to talk about what is going on in the news or what the latest trend is, right? This brings to mind that saying, "water-cooler talk" -- as what one hears from others or the media and thinking it is a credible source without checking credible sources. What about myths -- in this case, food or nutrition myths? These can be widely held, but false ideas or beliefs.

In doing my continued research surrounding topics of health & wellness, I came upon this website called The reason I like this website for starters is that it is an independent
resource of supplementation and nutrition in an encyclopedia format with research conducted by reputable sources in the editing world, then reviewed by folks with nutrition degrees and doctoral degrees.

This website -- founded in 2011 -- has a primary goal to provide unbiased information to its readers regarding nutrition and more. To learn more about this website, go here.

To read up on the 10 awful nutrition myths posted by the above-mentioned website, go to the link below. See the re-cap of the 10 myths found below.

The following are 10 awful nutrition myths that have been exploited by the media.

(1)   Bread/carbs are bad for you. 

(2)   Eggs are bad for you. 

(3)   Red Meat causes cancer.

(4)   Saturated fat is bad for you.

(5)   Salt causes high blood pressure and should be avoided.

(6)   Whole grain bread is better than white bread.

(7)   High Fructose Corn Syrup is worse than sugar.

(8)   Too much protein can cause bone and kidney damage.

(9)   Vitamins from food are better than supplemented vitamins.

(10) Eating small meals throughout the day stokes your metabolic fire.

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