Friday, October 10, 2014

Avoid the weekend food spiral with hearty meals

Here we go again -- another Friday and a weekend ahead of us. Isn't this what most people look forward to -- a great weekend? Absolutely! But, at times, there seems to be this invariably unhealthy outlook or fear of what we will eat as the weekend approaches. Is this you? I'd say more times than we would even like to admit, we may dread -- yet -- at the same time look forward to going out to Friday night dinner, drinks....Saturday - brunch - mimosas -- delicious dinner on Saturday night and on into Sunday leisure "eat what you like before Monday gets here".

The thing is with a little discipline and forward-thinking, weekends can be just as delicious and nutritious than ever before! So order in on Friday night and get that delicious pizza, but measure your own "inward strength" first by starting out with a glass of water and eating your salad first. You know yourself better than anyone else; hence, you know those trigger-go-to-comfort foods that quench that salty or sweet or both!

It is almost funny to me that I'm known by many of my friends for watching what I eat and being a "healthy" person; hence, don't eat that donut in front of her! But, what I've found is that the more I eat healthy, whole, super foods as an example, I just feel better and want to keep that feeling going.

So go ahead and enjoy that slice or two of pizza (as I do too), but mentally keep track of it and see how you feel if you overindulge and compare that to the way you felt the night before when you had broiled fish or chicken with vegetables. That may be enough to start shaping the way you approach your food intake on the weekends....

Here are a few helpful links to healthy menus for the weekdays and weekends as well as ways to deal with hunger and the use of technology to streamline home cooking.

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