Monday, October 27, 2014

Mobile Apps: Delivering Home-Cooked Meals

There is a flurry of exciting technological advances when it comes to serving customers good, delicious and healthy food with the latest in mobile apps.

Mobile Applications include:
  • Sprig, Inc., delivers delicious, locally-sourced and sustainable food to your work or home.
  • Munchery, Inc., offers healthy meals to your door -- currently in San Francisco, but perhaps in many other neighborhoods very soon!
  • Spoon Rocket gives another delicious offering by providing on line orders for yummy food.
The cultural shift we are starting to see with the emergence of so many mobile applications such as the ones mentioned above could really change the way that we eat -- at any hour. Imagine having  serious hunger pangs on a late-night? Instead of heading out to Jack-in-the-Box or Burger King, what if people had the option of ordering food from the on-line kitchen door that offers healthier food options? Some delicious food to think about...

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