Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nutritionix: Making nutrition a top priority

What is Nutritionix? 
Nutritionix happens to be the largest open database providing nutritional information to restaurants and grocery stores. This database is a great tool -- especially now -- due to so many dietary changes and needs of people everywhere. With that said, it also is about creating relationships with food manufacturers and restaurants by giving them access to the database where they can easily add accurate nutritional information about their products. 
Originally created back in 2012, this application has grown significantly and is now available on the iOS app store as of last month. (Here is a Food Wisz-dom blog post about Nutritionix from 2012). This app is free to users and contains over 380,000 foods which also includes nutritional information on over 600 restaurants chains.
Go to the Nutritionix blog to learn more about iOS availability, to learn more about the FDA's proposal to update nutrition facts labels on food packaging and what the biggest changes will mean to you. 


New Proposed Nutrition Label

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