Monday, November 24, 2014

10 Essentials to becoming Food Wise

My philosophy: Try to see food as medicine that nourishes your body and gives you great energy. So, listen to your body!

The following are my 10 "Go-To" Essentials to living a Food Wise Life....

1)  Focus on good organic foods. Everything doesn't have to be organic -- and, I certainly understand that that can be unrealistic -- but, you should be aware of the foods that should be organic. Check out the list.
2)  Pay attention to the way you feel after eating a cheeseburger and fries as opposed to grilled chicken or fish and vegetables. (For starters, where did the meat/fish come from. Did it come from a sustainable source? Was the meat grass fed or not?) Refer to this article for the best sources of meat and fish.
3)  Eat more real food and less processed foods. If there are more than 5 ingredients to processed foods and if you can't pronounce the ingredient on the list, just avoid it! Try to follow Michael Pollan's approach to eating junk food. If you can't make it yourself; that means you should avoid it all together.
4)  By all means, have a glass of water before every meal. Don't even think about it -- Just do it!
5)  Eat soup -- not cream-based soup, but one made with good healthy stock. Using chicken or beef broth or stock. Also, to ensure the best nutrition, see how that chicken or cow lived before it got to you -- did it eat a Grass-fed or Grain-fed diet?
6) Understand that the wrong foods are being subsidized; hence, that is why a great deal of our processed foods are cheaper than real, nutritious foods.
7)  Take a reasonable amount of vitamins/supplements without going overboard -- but, speak with your doctor first.
8) Get enough sleep. No -- sleeping is "not for the dead". Our bodies actually are designed to have enough sleep.
9) Similar to the Slow Food principles, becoming Food Wise is meant to change the culture to one where eating good, clean and fair food becomes the norm.
10) Lastly, stay balanced and "find your peeps". You know -- those people that support you, have fun with and are there for you on a rainy day. Find someone with similar ideas/philosophies that you share. You can find someone at a MeetUp for instance.

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