Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11 Mobile Apps for your next Farmers Market Visit

People everywhere expect to get the most delicious and in-season produce at their local farmers market. You know -- that produce that contains the least amount of pesticides too.

The following are 11 Mobile Apps that can change the way you shop at a farmers market, and can also really benefit the sellers as well. A brief description of each application is provided below, but to read more about each of them (as well as links associated with them) go to the article here.

1) The Dirty Dozen App. This app is free and published by the Environmental Working Group which is a nonprofit environmental research organization. The purpose of this app is to give the buyer the best conventionally raised produce with the lowest pesticide rates and -- just so you know --the produce that has the highest pesticide rates.

2) The Farmstand App. This application draws out a list of over 8,700 farmers markets world-wide while also connecting shoppers with the markets for the purchase of locally grown food. It supports the local community and also provides support to users by sharing photos with each other. Markets can be sorted by both opening times and location.

3) The Good Guide App. This application has the capability of rating products and food producers as reported by everything from produce to pet food as well as their health, social benefits and environmental issues. Even fresh produce, dairy and meats can be sorted using filters that distinguish organic, vegan and more.

4) The Harvest App. This application supplies its shoppers with a listing of pesticide levels on fruits and vegetables as well as providing methods for choosing the ripest and best piece of fruit/vegetable that is in season. It even gives you storage tips. Also, refer to this seasonal calendar for your in season shopping needs.

5) The Harvest Mark Food Traceability App. This app is free and it provides a 16-digit Harvest Mark code or QR code for all fruit, vegetable and dairy brand products that participate in providing their brands labels to the application itself. This process enables food producers to connect with their customers by offering more transparency.

6) The Locavore App. How cool is this! This app has a large database that contains local farmers markets, farms and even CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) as well as vendors that sell organic produce and in-season fruits and vegetables.

7) The Love Food Hate Waste App. Once again, this handy app is free and produced by a United-Kingdon organization called WRAP. It allows shoppers to better hone their cooking, kitchen and shopping habits in order to reduce food waste. Imagine going to the grocery store to pick up items that you actually need and don't duplicate which saves $$$!

8) The Seafood Watch (U.S.)/Good Fish Guide App. (U.K.) This application is also free and works both in the U.S. and the United Kingdom! This app provides the most sustainable seafood options at the market and also gives consumers the best choices and those to avoid. This app even has a traffic light rating system!

9) The Seasons App. Although this app is one that you pay for, it does offer a large database with a natural growing season and availability of a large amount of produce from herbs to fruits and everything in between. It even gives you photos and world-wide farmers market locations too.

10) The True Food App. What a great app to have and it is free! This app, which is created by the nonprofit environmental advocacy organization Center for Food Safety, assists shoppers in finding which foods contain GMOs!

11) The What's On My Food App. Lastly, this app which is created by PAN (Pesticide Action Network), is free and offers access to a large up-to-date database of all pesticides used on a variety of produce. Did you know that watermelon in the United States can have up to 26 different pesticide residues on them when they reach their market destination? The app also uncovers the health/side effects of each of these pesticides! Wow!

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