Thursday, November 13, 2014

7 New Apps for Healthy Eating

It seems like we are in the midst of a whole lot of change with regard to how we see, buy and eat food. We've now got access to a wide variety of apps that instruct us on how to be healthier, the best places to go grocery shopping, how to avoid the "wrong kinds of foods" and so much more.

Here is a list of the latest 7 Healthy Eating Apps. Go to the link for more information about the applications. Eat your heart out!

1) Food Scores: This app provides consumers with an extensive listing of hard to understand supermarket labels that are actually made to be more understandable with a little help from this app. Consumers can become more educated with making smarter food choices, great idea!

2) Up by Jawbone: This application provided to you by iPhone actually links Apple's Health kit in a streamlined digitized fashion with such things as food diary, sleep session logging capability and more...

3) Kurbo: This application is a great tool, particularly focusing on childhood obesity since it has become such an epidemic. What does it offer? The only safe and long-term solution in helping to change lifestyle habits to much healthier ones.

4) JBF Vegetables: This app, which originates from the well renowned New-York based James Beard Foundation, focuses on providing its customers with the simple joys of cooking with fresh vegetables. How great is that! Having famous chef educators sharing recipes with step-by-step photographs!

5) HowGood: This organization which was started by a Brooklyn, New York-based research organization wants to provide its consumers/customers with understandable grocery store aisle transparency. The products -- well over 100,000 -- get a full description that includes impact on health, society and the environment.

6) Rise: This application allows consumers to have access to a virtual coach in nutrition that is there to cheer you on with your future successes.

7) BluePrint: This is a pioneering company that's main focus is on demystifying fruits and vegetable juices organically. There are even cleanses available with motivation tips and more!

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