Monday, November 3, 2014

EWG's Food Scores: About the Database

In learning about a non-profit organization such as the Environmental Working Group there is hope that our food system could be improved over time. The EWG works toward such sustainable practices that improve well being and our environment. EWG's message to the general public is meant to empower and enable people to make wiser food and health choices that not only affect them, but that of their surrounding environment. 

As most recently, the EWG has launched a food scores database that contains well over 80,000 products based on three criteria involving nutrition, ingredient concerns and degree of processing. To learn more, check out the video about the database below....

As an all-embracing well-being advocate myself, I am optimistic that healthy change is well within our reach. People need a well-informed approach to eating healthfully which would also lead them to naturally make smarter food choices. It's all about "eating wisely with every bite".

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