Monday, December 22, 2014

Staying healthy during the holidays?

This time of year can no doubt put extra stress on just about anybody. And making sure you are eating right during this busy time is even more important as it contributes to building a healthy immune system.

It really is amazing how fragile we are if you stop and think about it. Sure, there are those moms and dads out there working extra hours to make sure their kids stockings are filled or young healthy people who believe they can do it all. It is quite possible that they can do it all -- but, there are limits. It is so easy to pick up germs from just shaking someone's hand who is just getting over a cold or someone who sneezes in a busy store that does not cover their mouth. Germs are out there.

So a few good tips to make sure to follow during this busy time? Here are 5 great tips, but one that I am adding to this list is certainly underrated -- sleep! For one sleep is the time your body rests and replenishes and the time when healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels happens....

5 ways to keep your immune system healthy during the holidays

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