Monday, January 26, 2015

5 Startups Changing the Way We Eat...Seasonally

The importance of eating seasonally truly is worth it. In eating with the seasons, foods are not only more delicious and at their peak of flavor, but they are also at the highest peak of nutrition. This is where the phrase "let food be thy medicine" really comes into play.

The thing is though, with so much confusion in the media on what to eat or what not to eat, it can become just overwhelming. There are 5 startup companies that are attempting to help people make wise food choices with a little help...

5 startups to check out:

1) Postmates: This startup is a wonderful resource in getting deliveries from any restaurant/cafe in your city, and on a budget too! This company has real-time tracking with a super good record for estimated times of delivery. Worth checking out.

2) GrubMarket: This company exists in 7 metro areas in the United States and delivers anywhere in the nation! Its main objective is to work with local farms and other food suppliers to get you the best access to the freshest food anywhere! Impressive.

3) Blue Apron: This organization provides you with recipes in addition to delivering fresh ingredients/foods to your home on a weekly basis. The company is focusing its efforts on having folks get back to basics in the kitchen by providing them with good cooking instructions.

4) Ripe Near Me: This company, based out of Australia, offers an app that shows anybody from around the world how to hunt or look for free, safe, good food in their own backyard. You will have the option to learn to truly forage in the wild or share your own food virtually. Interesting concept.

5) Instacart: Particularly for those that don't like to grocery shop, Instacart keeps you free from entering another grocery store again. And, apparently the food deliveries will occur within the hour of when you ordered them.

These are just a few startups that are focusing their efforts on creating a healthier community wherever you are. 


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