Friday, January 16, 2015

8 Healthy Habits to Adopt Now

I really enjoyed reading this article on the 8 Healthy Habits to Adopt Now. There is so much truth to really knowing yourself and certainly your eating habits. Some people like a hearty breakfast -- some can just juice in the morning and have an early lunch. Then, there are those that like heartier lunches and small dinners.

Regardless, it certainly is important to simply eat as healthfully as possible  morning, noon or night. But, why not look forward to a nice dinner Friday night or a delicious brunch on Saturday or Sunday. To me, it's just as easy staying away from "danger" foods that I know I could easily overindulge with -- unless it's portion-sized already. The key is portion size!

The following are 8 Healthy Habits to Adopt Now...

1) Stock up on healthy food. We know what these foods are, right? Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, yogurts (watch the sugar content), dried fruit.

2) Eat sitting down. It is so customary for our fast-paced society to put so many demands on us, right? But, sitting down and eating helps with digestion and simply enjoying food the right way!

3) Drink water instead of other choices like soda or juice. Even by having a glass of water before a meal may lead to you eating less.

4) Snack on fruit instead of chips. I know, sometimes this is easier said than done. The thing is by savoring good foods that are unprocessed,  your palate can be re-trained to enjoy more wholesome foods.

5) Eat a salad every day or bright, colorful veggies. This is so easy to do! Just slice up a bell pepper and eat it with a little hummus or just plain -- delicious!

6) Chew your food well. If we eat in a rush, our body doesn't have the time to process what we've just eaten. The body needs about 15 minutes to even register that we are full!

7) Put leftovers away. Instead of having the temptation of overeating, just put it away.

8) To thyself be true! I love this. Yes, it is so important to know what your eating habits are already! If you know that a bag of potato chips will be your grand downfall -- then, just don't buy them.

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