Thursday, January 15, 2015

Five Global Food Trends for 2015

As mentioned in this article, we've seen an abundance of changes with regard to our food. Remember last year when Kale was such an extraordinarily popular vegetable? Now it seems to be Cauliflower has taken over in the popularity department. As we've seen popularity rise and fall with vegetables such as those mentioned, there is more of a constant change regarding the whole food system beyond just food.

The following are the list of five global food trends that we'll likely see more of now and in the near future:

1) The food movement is practically in full swing. This is the first of the global megatrends being seen in the food world today. This is going beyond just food, but more to social equity, justice and social responsibility.

Today there are eleven cities that have gone as far as to establish their own minimum wage in order to  recognize the necessity of feeding and caring for those that are working in the fast food world and simply put, reducing urban poverty.

2) If you've not become familiar with the term CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation), now is the time to read up on it. In this trend, states such as California will ban chicken eggs, pork and veal which are being raised in cages/crates which keeps them from having natural range of motion.

3) The third global megatrend will focus on medicine. In this case, there has been a vast amount of research done with regard to probiotics which are live microorganisms living in the human gut. Focus will be placed more on how to protect our bodies by focusing on supportive foods that improve digestion such as kefir, kim chi and kambuchi.

4) The fourth global megatrend has to do with the youth of today and their passion to follow the path of a food career. Food careers cover such things that include food trucks, fair trade and local and sustainable food. On December 9th of this past year, the UN hosted 26 university presidents who signed onto a President's United to Solve Hunger pledge which will make food and nutrition that much more important to campus life in general.

5) The fifth global megatrend is more complex and has not yet seen full growth -- but it will. There is a definite rise in political organizing with regard to food. It hasn't yet taken full strength yet because most of those in support of the food movement have been seen as too young or inexperiences to take politicking to the next level. There needs to be an overall impact with strength in numbers.

To learn more about these trends, go to the article here.

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