Friday, January 30, 2015

Have We HIT Peak Food?

Could it be that we are running out of food? This is pretty alarming news. But, in fact, there are some thought-provoking articles below that have been written by reputable sources in the scientific and agricultural world stating that, yes, we are on the road to potentially a "foodless" world.

How could it be that the world hit peak wheat in 2004, peak eggs in 1993 and peak dairy in 1989?!?! More information on these resources reaching their peak can be found here where a recent study in Ecology and Society indicates this frightening conclusion. Just to get a "gist" of what this article is alluding to we need to focus on "Sustainable appropriation of nonrenewable and renewable resources as required for society's long-term well-being". 

In other words, how can we better use our resources in a cost-effective and ethical way that benefits all users -- and in the food system -- that means from farm to table. Example? When an animal eats a plant and ingests all of the nutrients, those nutrients then come out as waste which deposits in the soil. After the animal dies, all of those nutrients will eventually return to the soil as well. The cycle continues again with the growth of plants that use that same soil in order to continue to grow and thrive.

Going back to what "peak" means in reference to those resources mentioned above, yield gains have stopped increasing and their rate of growth has declined. This also means that we need to become better growers of new crops. That means diversification. Crops that are not only edible, but cost-effective and better for our environment. To learn more about the issues surrounding our food shortage, here are some other articles to reference.

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