Tuesday, February 24, 2015

14 Portion Control Tips

Eating should be something that is a pleasurable experience, don't you think? Eating should be an act that enables our tastebuds to really taste good food and not dread having a delicious bite that is not life-changing in a bad way. If anything, food should be enjoyed to the maximum -- but, portion control should always be a given.

This is a good article with good portion control tips that can become part of your eating routine.

1)  Start off your day -- or for that matter -- before a meal, with a tall glass of water.

2)  Wear form-fitting clothes. In wearing form-fitting clothing, that may be enough from you repeating the food you just enjoyed thoroughly.

3)  Add veggie fillers. There are plenty of good vegetables out there that can not only be good fillers, but may even keep you from overindulging in other more fattening foods.

4)  Dine on dinnerware that helps you lose weight. Apparently, color-contrast plate-ware that is different from the food color of your food can influence how much you eat!

5)  Choose your carbs wisely!

6)  Eat slowly and enjoy every bite.

7)  This is a good one -- work for your food! In other words, try having a handful of pistachios where you have to shell them or an orange where you need to peel it.

8)  Don't eat from a bag or box. If you have a large bag of pretzels -- count out a portion and put the rest away somewhere you won't readily get to it after.

9)  Drink your appetizer -- or rather slurp it. Having a bowl of soup before a meal is a great idea (as long as it isn't cream based).

10) Before immediately diving into the extravagant buffet table, take a walk around and assess your choices carefully.

11) Apparently drinking from a tall glass helps with portion control during the meal...

12) Limiting mealtime distractions can be difficult, but well-worth it! If the TV is off or the computer is taking your attention away, try just eating without the distraction. You will be more aware of what goes into your mouth -- guaranteed.

13) Use smaller dish ware/serve ware.

14) Have a low-fat sweet treat -- maybe a piece of fruit or one or two squares of dark chocolate....

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