Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 Food Trends....Continued

Although we are now in our second month of the year, there is just way too much information to share about food! We've got the foods that we find and eat from the grocery store and farmers markets, but there are now so many more options involved.

What do I mean by this? People are able to access their food from same-day delivery services and a personal grocery shopping service called Instacart. Grocery stores in and of themselves are changing drastically and will soon be tailored to meet the needs of their shopping patrons in more ways than one can imagine! Take a look at what our grocery stores can look like in 2025.

From the standpoint of Phil Lempert and his food retail prediction trends, its been interesting learning about his views of the food tech space. Some of the predictions include a continued growth of online food delivery (as mentioned above), increased nutritional information that is made to be more understandable by consumers and grocery store enhancements and changes. To learn more about Mr. Lempert's supermarket predictions, you can go to supermarket

To learn more about 2015 trends as presented by foodtechconnect, refer to the article here and to get a comprehensive list of Phil Lempert's 2015 food trends list, read it here.

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