Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beyond Food

In this insightful piece written by Michael Ruhlman (food author/journalist), he concurs with Mark Bittman, writer for the New York Times, on recognizing the need to address several issues with regard to our current food system that go way beyond just the food we find in our local grocery store. I couldn't agree more.

So much is at stake with how well our agriculture system is working (or not working) and how well we really are nourishing our country. It should go way beyond just the money or the power of who has the most interest in making the biggest profit -- and, yes, corporations have much of the money and power. But, who will step up and take leadership that is based on integrity and not fall prey to the spiderweb that has been created by Big Money?

This article brings to mind what I see and hear everyday with regard to people's food choices that just don't support the need for making smarter food choices. I'm astounded to see enormous lines at a local donut shop in my neighborhood as an example. Will there come the day when the food of choice is something that is actually good for you? I guess no one really gets that excited about it. And, as I walked into an organic market just the other day, there was a vendor who was offering a taste of the latest organic, gluten-free, wholesome protein bar which I did try, but am so confused as to why consumers would buy such a product that tastes...well, like cardboard! Do people eat foods like these as punishment or because they are trying to "detox" from all of the "bad foods" they ate over the weekend?

Sadly, many times it will be the Doritos and other junk foods that will be set at the party buffet table instead of the roasted vegetable medley. At some point, I'm sure Doritos will eventually come up with  their own select vegetable version of a chip and call it a serving to contribute to the appropriate amount of vegetable servings one should be eating....

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Thalia E Prum said...

Very interesting perspective. I agree about people eating those power bars, to me they taste "processed", I don't know how else to describe it. They are so easy to chew, meaning you don't even have to work at it, like you would with say an apple.

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