Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What about today's food system?

There are so many articles/publications/posts that state something in the realm of what is lacking in our food system. We know this, yet, what can we as individuals do? If we were to really want to know what George Washington would say about our food system -- would we really be prepared to hear what he had to say? Then, what would we do about it?

But, the thing is that is such a silly premise to begin with as times were significantly different back then than they are today. In the first paragraph, it reads, "Our founding fathers lived in an agrarian society at the dawn of the industrial revolution. Food was hard to produce and required substantial daily effort from almost all families. A bad season could lead to widespread hunger".

I firmly believe that if we lived in an agrarian society -- where a society's economy would be based on producing and maintaining crops and farmland -- we wouldn't be seeing the overwhelming amounts of processed foods that are at our fingertips currently. We also wouldn't be seeing the high amounts of chronic diseases that are largely preventable with lifestyle changes -- like a better diet with more fruits and vegetables for starters. I can go on about this, but in going back to what Mr. Washington may have said about our food system today, he probably would be overwhelmed at not only how society has expanded and grown in so many ways, but in how we have chosen to go about feeding ourselves. He wouldn't even recognize most of the foods since they aren't even real food and these foods have little to no nutrition.

If we see George Washington as what he was -- commander and chief and one of the founding fathers of the United States -- then, why can't we see that today's food system is lacking in integrity and honesty?

It is up to us as individuals to seek out the real foods that should feed us, even if it means cooking at home more often with ingredients that are unprocessed and drinking more water -- instead of soda.

We would come to the conclusion that yes, George Washington wouldn't be pleased with today's food system -- so, why are we allowing ourselves to let others decide what foods we should be eating instead of us deciding what foods we should be eating? We can be the change that we want to see (in making wiser food choices that lead to better health) -- but, do we really want to see it? This is where people need to unite on the same front of having real food access available to everyone, not just those that can afford it. After all, everyone deserves to eat -- and eat well. Most processed foods are not foods at all. More food for thought....

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