Monday, March 2, 2015

Being Healthy Is More Than Being Thin

Weight has become such an obsession with us now-a-days, hasn't it? When you can hear someone say: "You are so skinny, how lucky are you!" Or "Being skinny is healthy". Not necessarily true. There are many people out there who are very thin -- but, it doesn't necessarily mean they are healthy. I know that I myself am not "skinny", but I am pretty healthy. There is a big distinction.

First off, you've got to love who you are and that means both mind and body. This may sound "cheesy" or "corny" to you, but the fact is, being comfortable in your own skin is amazingly important for your health, self-esteem and outlook on life -- period.

The video below from Supermodel Carol Alt is inspiring as she talks about the distinction between being skinny and being healthy -- not, one in the same!

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