Monday, March 16, 2015

How to Fight the Obesity Epidemic

It is an interesting topic to discuss, isn't it? The Obesity Crisis. People either have an opinion, thought, idea, statistic or blame for this crisis. 

Some countries are taking different approaches than the United States like the Puerto Rican government that is attempting to fine parents for overweight children or the Brazilian government and ministry of health that is taking obesity seriously. They are focusing on providing stricter food guidelines for the public as well as providing school programs where 40% of their food is sourced locally.
And what about the Australians? 

The Australian government is all for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and obesity prevention through initiatives they have like:

  • Get set 4 Life - Habits for Healthy Kids
  • The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden National Program
  • Healthy Spaces and Places
  • Learning from Successful Community Obesity Initiative
  • Healthy Weight Information and resources
At some point, we can see that governments around the world have implemented or are seriously considering further action to improving their own countries obesity issues, healthy lifestyles, childhood obesity, etc.

While all is said and done, more is said than done. Where does accountability play into this obesity epidemic -- wherever you are? Instead of punishment, what about overall health promotion?  Where are the resources offered to parents on teaching their children better eating habits, how to cook for themselves, how to start instilling opportunities for them to learn that obesity is beyond what someone looks like, but what it actually does to the body. How many times can a diet be recommended to a loved one or friend or even oneself -- to then "fall off the wagon". Why instead can't a healthy lifestyle be taught? A lifestyle where having an occasional piece of pie or an extra slice of pizza won't be the complete downfall to their livelihoods? 

We need to see the big picture, don't we? I'd say that watching what you eat on a daily basis is a good and healthy thing -- as long as it doesn't become an obsession, right? We just have too many opportunities to fail if we allow ourselves. And what about our children? There may be more and more positive food changes in our fast food, junk food, instant gratification foods -- but, will we be rid of them entirely? Likely not. Instead, why not get back to good ol' discipline, just enough to keep you feeling good about yourself and good about what we teach our children. 

Let's just get back to personal accountability and dealing with a more disciplined way of eating. In doing so, we can really enjoy the trips we go on or the Friday night dinner dates or the trip to the doctor when you realize that your blood work is normal, your weight is within a normal, healthy range and you get a clean bill of health! Great example for your kids too...

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