Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What Does Organic Really Mean?

Organic is such a "buzz" word today, isn't it? But, do people really know what organic is and why we should eat organic? Something else to think about for those of my readers that really try to eat as healthy as possible -- it's at least important enough to eat organic foods that are more susceptible to pesticide residue. I've heard time and time again that eating 100% organic is too expensive or just not possible each and every time. Okay, I can understand that -- especially if budget happens to enter into the equation and frankly, who isn't on a budget! Here is an inspiring article on what organic really means and the reason to eat organic as much as possible.

Hence, the following shopper's guide to pesticides in produce provided by EWG is important to have on your refrigerator door. In addition to the "Dirty Dozen" fruits and vegetables to buy organic is a list of the "Clean Fifteen" fruits and vegetables with the least amount of pesticide residue on them. EWG is known as the Environmental Working Group and they are an environmental organization specializing in research and advocacy surrounding topics that include toxic chemicals, agricultural subsidies and more.

EWG also offers an application that focuses on Food Scores. This program looks at the food you've chosen and rates it based on its nutrition, ingredients and the rate of how much it has or has not been processed. With the information provided, one can learn about those hard to understand ingredients that are contained in the product chosen, how much of a pesticide or contaminant to be aware of and which are the best foods to eat for your health.

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