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Best and Worst Foods to Eat when You are Sick

Doesn't everyone want to know the right food to eat when they just don't feel good? I'd say its worth learning which foods are best and worst for you depending on what ails you at the time. Whether you have a headache, stomachache or just plain achy all over, the following list is a pretty comprehensive one on the best and worst foods to eat....

A case of undesirable...hmmm....diarrhea? If it is diarrhea caused by a stomach virus or just something bad you ate, gastroenterologist, James Lee, MD says the BRAT diet is best. That is a diet that consists of Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. Other foods that are good for this particular issue? Oatmeal, boiled potatoes, saltine crackers and skinless baked chicken or turkey. Foods to avoid: Sugarless candy and gum which aren't digestible to begin with (that contains sorbitol or artificial sweeteners); other foods that cause gas and bloating are onions, apples, broccoli and a few others. You can find out more once you read the article.

Constipation occurs when not enough fiber is included in the diet. Adults need between 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day. The best foods to eat include high-fiber whole grain breads, oatmeal, broccoli, apples and more. Also, drinking enough water throughout the day ensures that food continues its movement throughout the body. Foods to avoid: Dairy, chocolate, iron supplements, narcotics (pain meds) as well as some blood and anti depression medication. (Here is a list of: 13 surprising causes of constipation).

When feeling queasy food just doesn't sound good -- period. But, as indicated by what Dr. Lee says in this article, some of the best foods to eat in this state are saltine crackers or pretzels as well as small quantities of simple foods like dry toast or cereal. Tea helps quite a bit -- specifically, Ginger tea or lemon tea. Some of the worst foods to eat while feeling queasy are greasy, spicy or oily foods as well as alcohol, sodas and other carbonated drinks and caffeine.

Sore throats definitely are uncomfortable and just plain hurt, but some of the best foods to have with a sore throat is tea with honey, soft foods, mashed potatoes, yogurt and simple scrambled eggs without a lot of condiments like salsa. Some of the worst foods to have are chips, nuts and granola as well as acidic juices. Here are 10 ways to soothe a sore throat.

For overall body aches, foods that are recommended should contain magnesium or calcium to alleviate sore muscle aches as recommended by Kristine Arthur, MD. Such foods with magnesium can include bananas, beans, greens and avocados; foods containing calcium include yogurt, dark-leafy greens, orange juice with calcium. Foods to avoid are alcohol and caffeine.

For headaches, remembering to hydrate is super important as dehydration is one of the main causes of headaches -- so drinking water is a good start. As for best foods: water is your best bet. Ironically, having caffeine leads to further dehydration. Some of the worst foods for headaches include artificial sweeteners, MSG (found in some sauces as well as soy sauce) and blue cheese, red wine, hot dogs, deli meats and dried fruit. As is pointed out in the article, MSG is metabolized to glutamate, which is an excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain. Here is another article on 21 natural ways to treat headaches.

Earaches, although not typically related to food in general, are linked usually with upper respiratory infections. There are good foods that help alleviate congestion which can ultimately help out with earaches too. Some of the best foods to have include clear fluids, chicken soup, Omega-3s found in nuts and salmon (which decrease inflammation) and vitamin C found in berries, citrus and dark leafy greens. Some of the worst foods include dairy which leads to more phlegm and more congestion (except yogurt for probiotics) and processed packaged foods aren't good choices either.

For rashes, which could be a symptom of an allergy, Dr. Arthur states to "keep a detailed food journal to look for links to foods that trigger the rash." Some of the best foods to have include Omega-3 foods such as salmon or sardines, walnuts, flax seed oils and high protein foods. Some of the worst foods to have include nuts, chocolate, tomatoes, eggs, soy, wheat and milk.

When you have a cold, drinking a nice cup of soothing warm tea is helpful and you'll feel better. The best foods to have during the time of a cold would be ginger tea. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and has an antioxidant which helps with speeding up the cold and minimizing symptoms in general. Additionally, apple cider and lemon in water are good choices. Try avoiding spicy foods as they can lead to further congestion as well as alcohol. Want to get rid of a cold, read this.

Lastly, when you are stuffed up due to a cold or the flu, some foods will help you out. There is a beverage that is highly recommended called, "golden milk" which contains turmeric. Turmeric to begin with has amazing properties of which one of them is an anti-inflammatory, but to learn how to make this "golden milk" here is how to do it. Foods to avoid during the time you have a cold would be spicy foods, sugary foods and dairy.

I've given a quick summary for each of the maladies mentioned, but to get a full summary, read the article here.

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