Monday, April 6, 2015

High-fat foods may actually change who you are over time

It has been found from a study recently written and published in the Biological Psychiatry journal that by maintaining a high-fat diet there are confirmed changes in health as well as behavior that create changes in a person's gut microbiota

Prior research suggests “alterations in the microbiome may underlie the host’s susceptibility to illness, including neuropsychiatric impairment” — and present researchers decided to put this theory to the test. The transplanted gut microbiota from mice maintaining a high-fat or control diet to non-obese mice maintain a normal diet.

Further, a column in Psychology Today, indicated that almost everything we eat either directly or indirectly effects our brains as told by Dr. Gary L. Wenk, a professor at Ohio State University. Later, he stated that "Sadly, our brains powerfully reward us when we eat sugar, fat and salt; thus, there is an oncoming epidemic of obesity-related illnesses. Food has both negative and positive effects, and it all depends upon what we consume, how much we consume and for how long."

Another point made in this article is that not all high-fat foods are "bad"; in fact, there are plenty of good ones such as avocados, walnuts and wild salmon that contain healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. To learn more about how high-fat foods may actually change who you are over time, click on the link below....

High-fat foods may actually change who you are over time

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