Monday, April 27, 2015

Infographics: How healthcare can fortify our food system

This is what it's all about -- enabling our healthcare and food systems to work together to strengthen our society's health and wellbeing. We are constantly deluged with learning about the best diets or best foods or best exercises to make us stronger and healthier, but in making the correlation between better food and better healthcare, chronic disease becomes minimized. In making the healthy choice the easier choice to make -- good changes can happen. 

In the infographic examples below, a few key messages are made with regard to empowering the effectiveness of both healthcare and food systems:
  • The Farm Fresh Healthcare Project: Thus far, 10 family farmers have sold nearly 84,000 pounds of local and organic produce to 6 San Francisco Bay Area hospitals. This can make a large impact on the local/rural community, provide better social and economic health outcomes and help our environmental quality to improve.
  • Purchasing meat and poultry raised without antibiotics: The Overlake Hospital in Washington and Fletcher Allen Healthcare in Vermont have been benefiting from the use of over 65% of the beef, poultry and pork products which they provide their patients/staff antibiotic free. This impacts our health through providing efficacy of antibiotics in human medicine and allows for healthier, more sustainable meat production practices.
  • The Purchase of Sustainably-grown produce: At Kaiser Permanente, 590 tons of their fruits and vegetables served to their patients are sustainably produced and locally grown. 
The 3 points mentioned above are beneficial to our environment, the patients' health and wellbeing and the farmers/growers -- what could be better? 

In having our healthcare and hospital systems use their buying power in efficient ways that truly encapsulate what they do -- looking for ways to improve healthcare quality -- it becomes a win/win for patients and the healthcare provider.

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