Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Make A Healthy Pact With Yourself!

In the complete deluge of technology advancements today, it is easy to get overwhelmed, isn't it? But,  there is no need to be caught up in every technology change out there -- it's just too crazy. But, what if you or I found one or two technologically-saavy applications to add to our never-ending phone applications instead of having a bunch we may not even use!

True, perhaps the latest technology in phones may not be used by everyone, but what if those of us who have accessibility to really good applications used them frequently and spread the good word about them? After all, it is by example that others can pick up good habits and better ways to manage the way we eat. We can even be rewarded for it! Once again, while kids or lower-income families may not be able to always participate in programs such as this one -- those of us that could -- could actually make a significant impact on how others eat and how what they eat affects their complete health. We remember those teachers in our lives that made a significant impact on who we are today, right? So why can't we pay it forward and be healthy examples for our friends or neighbors who prefer skipping breakfast all together and eat randomly unhealthy foods throughout their day? 

In this most recent phone application called PACT, there is a great incentive to participate in this program as it incentivizes the user to earn cash while living a healthier lifestyle! Sounds too good to be true? Check out the website here and make a pact with yourself to live in a healthier way.

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