Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Single Most Important Habit You Need....

I suppose I am fortunate that I have a habit that's been instilled in me thanks to the way I grew up and my influences early on -- it is so basic -- you should learn it -- especially once you "fly the nest" and set off for college or your first apartment...What is this habit? Cooking. It seems so easy, or maybe not, especially if you didn't learn it at home while growing up. But, so many times don't we say to ourselves that we want to do things differently and better than what we learned at home? Don't we want to make lasting changes that are good changes in benefiting ourselves and our loved ones? 

Even if you don't know how to cook or you feel like it is just so "time consuming" or in fact, a waste of time -- it is time to reconsider that very thing that you think you don't know how to do "correctly". And, correctly doesn't make sense either as every cook has their own style and "flair" for the kitchen.

Now a days there are so many choices we have from looking it up on the internet -- Cooking Skills 101, a great fish or chicken recipe and even dessert! The simplicity of focusing on being healthier is reason enough to make cooking a priority. It doesn't take expertise to learn this habit either, just a little patience, time and willingness to learn it. I mean if you are going to go on a diet, how long can that diet really work for you if it is packaged food from the frozen section in the supermarket or from a weight loss clinic. That's just not realistic. Additionally, if you restrict yourself from having a real bite of bread or homemade spaghetti or broiled chicken, how long can that restrictive diet last?

It just makes sense to cook. This way, you can even learn to make your own junk food if necessary instead of heading to 7-Eleven for a pint of ice-cream or the supermarket for a bag of Cheetoes. For many, the habit of cooking may seems impossible or unrealistic, but certainly in knowing that you want to drop 10 or 15 pounds, it is a given that junk food won't allow your weight loss to happen. There is a much better opportunity to lose the weight simply by making your own food. It's just a matter of doing it. 

Below are a few links with regard to learning about the single most important habit you need and even how to make your own junk food for those times when you may want to see how well you can make that cookie, pie or cake....

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