Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Top 9 Foods To Be Avoided to Prevent Obesity and Diabetes

While it may seem so easy to keep your refrigerator stocked with good, healthy foods and snacks -- it may not always be easy to detect some foods that you may believe to be good choices. Many times those innocent ginger snaps that you picked up somewhere looked to good to be harmful, right?

In making sure to read the ingredients on the back of the label, some of those food pitfalls could be averted altogether. So, what are these 9 top foods to be avoided?

1) Soda and soft drinks
2) Sugar and Fructose Corn Syrup
3) Fruit Juices
4) Unsaturated fats
5) Artificial Sweeteners
6) Fried and even grilled foods
7) Processed food items
8) Foods prepared in seed and vegetable oils
9) Gluten rich whole grains

To see how some of these foods may be more difficult to detect from a more wholesome food, read the article here.

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