Friday, April 3, 2015

What's More Important at Restaurants: Food or Service?

As we head into another weekend -- a special one at that as it is Easter, many people make special lunch/dinner reservations at nice restaurants for their families in order to celebrate this day. But, when choosing your restaurant of choice, which is more important the food or the service? Yes, we always want to have both, although, honestly it doesn't always work out that way. So what wins out over the other?

Bon Appetit Magazine conducted a survey from the "Best New Restaurant" finale, so people voted and this is what they came up with when it came to restaurant food or service preference. People go to restaurants for various reasons whether it be for the atmosphere, who you break bread with or just the mere fact that you won't have to wash and clean up afterwards. As indicated by those that chose the food vote, "a successful dining experience is all about the trust between the restaurant and the diner, and nothing cements that trust better than a well-cooked meal".

For those that chose the service, their belief (and rightfully so) is that the best and most memorable dining experiences are not only coupled with really good food, but really good service. "It's the server's or host's responsibility to initiate that trust; they're the first point of contact a diner has". This can be why the service in a restaurant can be compared to the similarity of why organizations make sure to hire a really good receptionist. The receptionist is typically the first impression that the customer or client comes into contact with before any form of business transaction is conducted.

It's hard to determine what is most important to the diner ultimately. But, when mistakes are made --and they will happen -- it's being able to gracefully apologize and make up for it somehow to win back the trust of the diner. So, what's most important to you when you go to a restaurant -- the food or the service?

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