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Staying Connected Is Crucial to Staying Healthy

In a world that is now flourishing with an abundance of personal trackers and apps that people can use to measure their own health, personal empowerment has become more possible than ever before.

But, it is important to note that personal empowerment is a process that becomes more meaningful once workable goals are put into place. Further, it is in working toward a goal and noting the progress along the way with observation, knowledge and the self-confidence to initiate self-motivation with positive behavioral change that true progress can be made. 
There is no doubt that making attempts to "stay healthy" can be challenging for even those of us who are motivated to staying healthy. We have so many "hiccups" along the way with the availability of fast food, too much stress with work/family/projects and more that some serious thought needs to take place in our lives if we want to be successful and happy. 
Here is where "connectivity" can lead us to further…

6 Tips for Clean Eating on a Budget

This is invaluable information for just about anyone, right? It's helpful to know that you can still eat healthy and delicious foods and not lose your mind while losing your budget!

Here are the 6 tips....

1) Emphasize in-season produce

2) Know when to skip organic...

3) Don't be afraid of store brands

4) Take advantage of frozen convenience

5) Buy in bulk

6) Save some for later.

Smart Ways to Invest in Your Health

While it may seem that investing in your health takes time that you just don't have, think again. Imagine yourself working and doing what you love and feeling good to boot! There is nothing in the world that beats that. For those people who work and just don't like what they do, imagine how much worse work would for them if they didn't take care of themselves. There is no doubt that statistically and logically, exercise is simply good for your body and overall health. 
There will always be those people that will also say that Chocolate covered peanut M&M's just taste so much better than grapes or watermelon or an apple. Perhaps in simply realizing that you will feel so much better after having fresh fruit instead eating a bunch of M&M's might be enough for change. But, that may not be enough for someone to want to "upgrade" their habit to a newer and healthier one. Simply in knowing that with time and in eating foods that don't add to your ov…

9 Nutrients You Aren't Getting Enough Of....

We've all heard that having a "rainbow" of fruits and vegetables is good for us; and, we've also heard that eating a variety of portion-sized foods are good for us; yet, there are still some foods that are  overlooked. There is no doubt that in feeling your best, you've got to nourish yourself with nutritious foods. Haven't you ever felt like you were craving something to eat, but you just didn't know what it was? Maybe there is something missing in your diet....
Here are 9 nutrients to get to know more intimately:
(1) Vitamin A This fat-soluble vitamin is crucial for proper cell growth and function.It is needed to keep and maintain normal vision as well as building & maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. Also helps with maintaining healthy gums, bones, and teeth.It can be found in foods like liver, eggs, butter, a variety of dark green, yellow and orange vegetables and fruits like mango and cantaloupe.  (2) Vitamin D We already know that Vitamin D…

Food Politics: The Lancet Series on Obesity Policy

There is a substantial amount of information with regard to obesity policy...

Here is the link to those articles....

The Lancet Series on Obesity Policy

The Lancet is the world's leading general medical journal that also happens to be independent. The focus of what is contained in the journal varies from international news to every aspect of human health. In short, it is a reputable source that also focuses on sound, intelligent information that physicians need to further their clinical knowledge as well as giving them pertinent information with regard to the latest research and best practices. 

WSJ: Let Fat Back Into Your Life

The benefits of adding yogurt to your diet are numerous. In finding so many benefits from digestive health to osteoporosis prevention to reducing the risk of high blood pressure, yogurt fans are in luck!
In this thought-provoking article found in the Wall Street Journal, yogurt is becoming more synonymous with full-fat versions as opposed to just non-fat or low-fat versions. It has been found that the full-fat yogurt is creamier and actually more satisfying as well and to add to that -- a healthier, delicious substitute for ice-cream! What could be better!
According to this article, there has been some research with findings of lower obesity risk due to the consumption of dairy fat. Incredible. The thing to watch out for in choosing the right yogurt for you is not just in the calorie-counting, but in how much satiety potential it has. In fact, "you might consume more calories eating full-fat dairy products, but if it's saving you from eating a 300-calorie candy bar a few hou…

WSJ: Your Body's Witching Hours

The news of so many chronic diseases that we are currently under siege with now-a-days is astounding. We've known everything from the likes of Childhood Obesity to Diabetes 1 and 2 and even 3 -- heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, food allergies and so much more. But, what is not in the news as frequently as it should be are such issues surrounding the importance of paying attention to our circadian rhythms. There are such things as the worst time of day for your health that should not be ignored. Examples? Blood pressure and core body temperature is lowest over night, our stress hormone, Cortisol, is higher in the early morning and heartburn is more common in the evening....
As you read the article -- "Your Body's Witching Hours" -- its important to note that following a natural pattern to the way our body's are built adds complexity to our own being. It's not just about "counting carbs" or "cutting out processed foods" it's …

Safe Eating: Personalized Food Identities

In this age of high technology use along with an overabundance of people who want to know where there food comes from, there is always the added mystery of what foods may be the right ones to eat for everyone. After all, we know for example that on a "grand" scale broccoli is good for us nutritionally, but it may not be good for someone who has trouble eating cruciferous vegetables.  Many times the health benefits of such a vegetable outweigh the unattractive side effects of what broccoli can cause in people -- namely, bloating, gas and some gastrointestinal discomfort, maybe even worse. Or another version of why broccoli may not be everyone's favorite is that it was improperly cooked when they were growing up, it "stunk up the house" or it just tasted bad. But, what about those people that legitimately believe they can't or won't eat it because it just doesn't sit well with them? This leads us to those foods that we know are good for us, but perha…