Monday, June 29, 2015

Staying Connected Is Crucial to Staying Healthy

In a world that is now flourishing with an abundance of personal trackers and apps that people can use to measure their own health, personal empowerment has become more possible than ever before.

But, it is important to note that personal empowerment is a process that becomes more meaningful once workable goals are put into place. Further, it is in working toward a goal and noting the progress along the way with observation, knowledge and the self-confidence to initiate self-motivation with positive behavioral change that true progress can be made. 

There is no doubt that making attempts to "stay healthy" can be challenging for even those of us who are motivated to staying healthy. We have so many "hiccups" along the way with the availability of fast food, too much stress with work/family/projects and more that some serious thought needs to take place in our lives if we want to be successful and happy. 

Here is where "connectivity" can lead us to further success in the area of our health and wellbeing. It is a matter of people taking responsibility into their own hands and questioning ways to improving their health. We now have opportunity to learn more about staying healthy through the web, our smart phones and tracking our daily habits. 

The purpose of connected medicine and where it is meant to lead us is in precisely educating, empowering and illuminating patients, physicians and other health care providers to adhere to healthier regimens. 

The following article found in the Wall Street Journal -- "Staying Connected Is Crucial to Staying Healthy" -- discusses how our health care system is becoming more and more decentralized. Through this process, patients can follow their own health more effectively through inquiry, making personal assessments, and simply put, have the empowerment to follow their own health progress. 

Joseph Kvedar, vice president of Connected Health in a Boston-based nonprofit health system, Partners Healthcare shares information found in this article with regard to the growth of apps and personal tracker use....

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