Tuesday, June 2, 2015

WSJ: Your Body's Witching Hours

The news of so many chronic diseases that we are currently under siege with now-a-days is astounding. We've known everything from the likes of Childhood Obesity to Diabetes 1 and 2 and even 3 -- heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, food allergies and so much more. But, what is not in the news as frequently as it should be are such issues surrounding the importance of paying attention to our circadian rhythms. There are such things as the worst time of day for your health that should not be ignored. Examples? Blood pressure and core body temperature is lowest over night, our stress hormone, Cortisol, is higher in the early morning and heartburn is more common in the evening....

As you read the article -- "Your Body's Witching Hours" -- its important to note that following a natural pattern to the way our body's are built adds complexity to our own being. It's not just about "counting carbs" or "cutting out processed foods" it's also about getting enough sleep and paying more attention to the way we feel. Our bodies don't lie...

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