Monday, July 6, 2015

Be Your Own Nutrition Detective!

Yes, this is possible to do. Be Your Own Nutrition Detective!

Don't you agree that there is so much deception with regard to food purchases at the grocery store? What any innocent observer might think of as a food full of nutritious ingredients could actually be the furtherest from the truth! As this article on becoming your own nutrition detective points out, it is important for individuals to take matters into their own hands and learn what ingredients are in their foods. 

So, for starters, try to understand what the food label is saying. If we can remember that food manufacturers are doing what they can to entice the buyer into buying their product -- without regard to nutrition -- then, we can become more aware of potential dangers in food. In other words, they are trying to make a profit off of the consumer from the foods that they market and so are hoping it is their food that is picked!

Would any responsible parent leave their child in the care of a total stranger? Of course not! I'm not trying to be a "Food Nazi" here, but every food that we ingest will do something in our bodies. That food will either nourish us or eventually harm us with the onset of chronic disease. Imagine if we eat mindlessly like this over time? Here is another article on how food impacts our health. Why should we care? If we want to not only feel good, but be productive, enjoy life and know that what we are putting into our bodies can make us the "best versions" of ourselves -- then there is a huge reason to care about the foods we eat. 

So, with that said, there are definitely many reasons to become aware of nutrition and "not good for us foods" that contain ingredients like hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, foods high in salt and sugar and "mystery" ingredients that say "natural".

If we can also think about keeping it as simple as possible, less error of purchasing the wrong kinds of foods happens less and less frequently. It takes practice. But, doesn't everything worth having -- good job, kids, education, health -- worth working for in the end?

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