Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Diet Shakes Unhealthy for Children"

There is great debate on whether a "smoothie" can replace (or should replace) a regular meal. For starters, several things should be considered such as what's contained in the smoothie to begin with -- like  sugar and extra fat. But, in supplying kids -- whose bodies haven't even fully matured -- is drastic. 

It has been found that the human brain doesn't even fully develop until age 25. So, how will a smoothie that can easily be altered to a sweeter state (kids typically like sweets and more than likely wouldn't even have a smoothie if it wasn't sweet) without the benefits of nature's own nutritious ingredients possibly add up? 

Nutrition experts agree that having parents "indulge" their kids with such food products can actually be causing serious harm to their kids' mental and physical health. Additionally, with our media touting the wonders of being thin and beautiful at any cost is already infiltrating the minds of kids who shouldn't even be considering swapping out a smoothie for a real meal. 

How does this even affect our current childhood obesity dilemma? And, how does this physiologically and psychologically affect kids in knowing that they can't eat real food in fear of having to diet for the rest of their lives. In a statement from Robyn Toomath, founder of the Fight the Obesity Epidemic and diabetes specialist and clinical director of internal medicine at Auckland Hospital, she states that the marketing of Isagenix Products is "incredibly sad and incredibly dangerous". 

Another thing to think about is how this whole obesity epidemic even started. Much to blame for this epidemic is the misconception of what real food vs. processed foods currently exists. We are meant to eat real food, not just the nutrients. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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