Thursday, August 13, 2015

So, What About Body Image? Does It Even Matter?

I felt so inclined to write a blog post about this article because it affects so many people -- particularly women -- about the perfect body image that we believe (or want) to have. The thing is there is enough pressure to work on eating a diet with all of the right food/nutritional components in the right amounts -- but, let's not add "fuel to the fire" by expecting to have a perfect physique! After all, it is in those little imperfections that we find ourselves being who we are -- human!

First and foremost, my main objective as you might see from my blog is to provide tips and sound advice as to eating healthier, serving portion-sized amounts of food, exercising and following overall wellness guidelines that include more than just food. 

This article describes a woman who is an avid, strong and fit yoga teacher, yet she still feels a bit of a body complex from time to time. Don't most or all of us? As the writer of this article so succinctly put it: 

"Still holding on to that insecure body part? Please do this: Squeeze it lovingly. Thank it for being part of the entire team of parts that make up your amazing, perfectly imperfect vessel. Tell this area that you'll no longer trash talk it or wish for it to change, but rather embrace it as it is so that you can step forward, empowered as a team. Your acceptance and strength will encourage others to drop their insecurities and pain. Make a dedication right here and now. Any time you have a wave of insecurity, stop-take a deep breath, hold that body part, and remember your dedication. Forget the story, strip away the layers of insecurity, and honor your body as the amazing temple that it is."

Now those words are priceless, wouldn't you agree?

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