Friday, September 25, 2015

The Truth About Detoxing

Doesn't it seem that you usually hear about someone going on a detox cleanse after a holiday or getting back from vacation or something along those lines? What ever happened to just trying to cut out processed foods -- not all of them are bad (like canned vegetables or canned beans), but most found on the shelf at your local grocery store aren't the best for our health. But, don't we already know this? They are just convenient foods to have around, but for many, they have replaced the 'good foods' to have more of like fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, lean meats and fish. 

In getting back to detoxing though, perhaps people are believing that they'll slim down (yes, that usually happens), but are you really "cleaning" or detoxifying the body? The human body is pretty amazing and on it's own, it does a really good job of doing just that -- detoxifying and eliminating what we don't need!

As Brigitte Zeitlin, M.P.H., R.D.,C.D.N., states: 
"Your body is designed with mechanisms to filter toxins out effectively," says Zeitin. "You don't need to do anything to detoxify because your body is constantly doing it for you." This is all thanks to your gastrointestinal tract and GI-related organs like your liver. "Your kidneys and liver filter what you take in and get rid of waste when you go to the bathroom," says Zeitlin. So things you eat, drink, and even inhale go through your body's own personal cleaning system, which gets rid of the unnecessary stuff so you can flush it away."

With all of that said, the best way to really take care of your body is to attempt to eat right whenever possible. Limit the processed foods, eat more fruits/veggies, drink lots of water and make an effort to make a homemade meal whenever possible. Here are 10 Healthy-Eating Rules that Almost All Nutritionists Agree on. What do you think? There may be a chance that many will not find value in eliminating the regular juice or smoothie -- and you don't have to completely -- but, why rely on the detox when our bodies are already doing the work for us?

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