Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why do some people who eat fast food not gain weight?

This question has perplexed me and I do think about it from time to time. Why is it that some people you may know (or you yourself) can eat this stuff and still remain -- well, thin? While we are in quite a dilemma with the foods we eat in this country (the SAD diet or Standard American Diet), many may think it is completely unfair to see "skinny" people get away with the foods we should be avoiding. The things to focus on though is not so much the foods that they are eating, but what is that food substance ultimately doing to their bodies? Sooner or later the truth will reveal itself.

It has been shown to us from numerous reliable sources that fast foods are full of sugars, artificial chemicals which also makes them completely devoid of any nutritional value. In fact, most of what is sold in say a Burger King or McDonald's doesn't even constitute as real food. Thus begs the question -- what is natural? The natural ingredients that are in our foods are but the least bit natural.

Lastly, perhaps we also need to look at who those fast food people are. They haven't felt the full effects of what fast food does to the body quite yet. It will take time. Maybe those folks are younger -- possibly in their 20s -- when metabolism hasn't slowed to a crawl. Fast food is like a slow poison that takes its time in breaking down every healthy cell in our bodies that is meant to keep us -- well, healthy.

As this article points out: "Being young, their bodies are better adapted to missing out. Their cells are not yet saturated with the toxins, so they can store more. Their pancreas still is pumping out tons of insulin, and is not yet worn out. Because of the higher energy levels, the sugars are used up and not stored away. Their digestive systems are still repairing itself fast, so they don't feel the damage that the bad food is doing. They don't understand that all that junk is ripping them open. But, it will catch up. Give it a little time, months or years, and this fast food habit will begin to wear thin. You can only store so many toxins. You can only pump out so much insulin before breaking".

Still not convinced? One can simply see the difference in the foods they eat. Take the challenge of eating a Big Mac, Fries and a drink or having a well-balanced turkey sandwich with fresh lettuce and tomato on whole wheat bread or another delicious sandwich variation with real, natural ingredients and see how you feel even an hour after eating them. If you've got a big work project to complete or an exam to prepare for, which foods do you believe will enhance your "brain power" more? Now there is some food for thought...

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