Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What's the Real Scoop with Bacon?

So it seems that the World Health Organization (WHO) has finally and firmly indicated that Bacon is  NOT a good food to eat, but that it also is one of those processed meats that causes cancer. Is it real news to just about anyone that bacon is really not good for you? It seems that every time I've gone out to breakfast somewhere -- whether its meeting friends for brunch or vacation -- it is almost inevitable that bacon is usually (not always) one of those foods that is requested, isn't it? Perhaps not everyone eats bacon with frequency -- and it becomes more of a treat -- as it should be. Does one have to completely block out the idea that a slice of bacon on rare occasion is okay? But, how can one escape indulging occasionally on a slice of bacon or a slice of cheese cake or a crumbly, flaky donut?

It just seems that when news comes out -- such as this article about bacon -- there is a general "freak out" by just about everyone. Maybe I just find it a bit over the top and maybe you may or may not agree with me, but what happened to moderation? If cancer is the concern, what about the extreme overindulgence with other foods -- processed foods -- that haven't been mentioned. What if people became more aware of the foods they buy in the grocery store instead of completely vowing to never eat bacon again? In general, upon entering the grocery store, shop on the perimeter as much as possible and stay away from the center of the grocery store. The perimeter of the store is where milk products can be found, yes, meat and poultry too and most significantly, fruits and veggies. Staying away from the center aisles of the store helps with avoiding all of those processed and packed foods that contain a thousand unpronounceable ingredients that aren't even a nutritious food ingredient!

With all of that said, it would simply be smart to eat processed foods as little as possible, eat more fruits and vegetables and listen to your body! If you are full, just put the fork down! Get inspired instead and take a walk or go to the gym. Once you've gotten into the habit of getting into a good groove, your body will respond in kind. Instead of doing a general "freak out" over what foods to not eat, do a general "clean up" of the foods that we know we should be eating and concentrate on that. Your health will be that much better! One cannot put a price on nutrition after all, and bacon is one of those foods to consider seriously eliminating from our diets -- although, if there is an occasional slip up, will that be enough to cause cancer or will the worrying about never eating it again be the concern?

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