Friday, April 8, 2016

How To Own Weight Loss

As I go through my email messages in preparation of writing a long-awaited post to this blog -- it occurred to me that we are now in our fourth month of the new year and I bet all those long-awaited weight loss goals have gone by the way side. Does that sound accurate? How many of us set out to attempt to end the madness of reaching goals -- whether they be weight loss or something else -- only to fall off the wagon again.

I absolutely like what this article says about weight loss and why it is so difficult for people to lose weight. "Just own it". If you are chugging along in your week and things are going better than expected by what you read on the scale, how can things go wrong? Inevitably something will go wrong though whether it is friends coming into town, a date on the weekend, a well-deserved gift for the promotion at work -- how better to celebrate than eat delicious food! But, where do you draw the line? By just acknowledging that we are human and "life" comes up to throw us off our well-intentioned eating plan, we don't have to continually relapse into old bad eating habits. In admitting that we truly own what we do, we can create a system for ourselves that inhibits bad habits to stay around for long. 

The following salient points from this article written by Jae Berman, MS, RD, CSSD (Registered dietician, behavior change specialist and fitness trainer) are so crucial to making steps in the right direction for creating healthy eating habits to keep for a lifetime.

"What does owning it mean to you?

Saying no to that second glass of wine... that third glass of wine
- Carving out time on the weekend to batch cook/meal prep for the week
- Saying no to that dessert because you don’t even want it. Eat it when you want it, not just because it is there or everyone else is eating. 
- Going for your annual physical so you know your data
Thinking about your day in advance and planning ahead for busy/hectic/stressful moments - always having a Plan B is owning it
- Stopping mid afternoon and eating a balanced meal rather than a cookie and coffee
Get out of the diet mentality and start creating sustainable habits
Believe you can do it!
- Waking up early to exercise... or going for that workout in the evening... or at your lunch break
Sharing with friends that you need support, and that you want this time to change your life for the long run".

Here is to a healthy and delicious weekend....

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