Monday, June 27, 2016

The Truth About Sugar Addiction

It is common knowledge that sugar -- especially in the large quantities that we typically consume it -- is just NOT good for our bodies. The thing is though -- sugar is pretty addictive. I mean, don't you just crave it and want more when you take a bite of a delicious treat? Not fair! It only serves us well to recognize that sugar is made to be a "treat that you want to eat on occasion" and find ways to cut it out as much as possible! Believe me, I'm not lecturing by any means as I have a sweet tooth myself, I just keep it on the down-low as much as I can.

Another amazing fact: Did you know that sugar supplies energy (not good in this case) to every "ity-bity" cell in our brain? Our brain recognizes sugar as a reward. What do I mean by that? Somehow our brain plays tricks on us and we become so good at "rationalizing" things and we tell ourselves,  "Oh so I went to the gym today and worked out a solid hour," or "I went on a long hike that was so hard," or "I was so active today, I deserve a treat" -- we can go on and on with ways we tell ourselves that we deserve that sugar reward. 

We need to recognize the definite "highs and lows" that we go through in the midst of our busy day. Need some caffeine? Easy, there is a Starbucks on every corner! Need a quick pick-me up? How about the dozen donuts that are sitting on the kitchen table in your workplace? 

We can re-train our tastebuds -- it isn't impossible. It's a matter of simply wanting to make the change and see the big-picture of possibly dropping those last few pounds we've been wanting to lose or even if losing weight is not an issue -- think of how limiting your sugar intake will make you feel better and more alert! Simply because a person is naturally thin doesn't necessarily mean they are healthy, so the day-to-day eating counts!

It is a matter of making healthier substitutes. So, when hunger strikes, instead of reaching for the donut or cookie, why not try to eat an apple and walnuts or almonds instead. The reward you give yourself would only be a couple of hours away knowing that you will have a delicious dinner that is healthy! Instead make your treat a glass of red wine that you can sip slowly to enjoy it thoroughly! If you get into this kind of habit, it is only a matter of time before a really healthy habit is formed and you'll want to keep on doing it!

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