Thursday, July 28, 2016

The difference between health coach and dietitian

A health coach in a sense can be seen as a health educator and promoter and helps to shape an individual to reach their best self by involving them in their own journey of life. A registered dietitian is a trained nutrition professional with knowledge gained through strict educational standards. They can counsel and support their clients to make suitable changes to their eating habits and advocate health and assist with chronic illness prevention. A health coach can add much needed value to that process through well-grounded lifestyle and weight management processes along with effectively building trust and rapport with the client. A long-term goal, such as leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, but it is a continuous process that needs to be nourished and supported by making good choices. Who doesn’t need support to do the right thing as much as possible, right?

So much of what a health coach does involves not only coaching, but providing guidance to their clients by helping them to set appropriate goals. By motivating, educating, supporting and progressing them to the next level of a well-balanced lifestyle, clients can attain their personal goals. There is an abundance of lifestyle factors that make up a healthy individual after all.

A health coach is not meant to replace a nutritionist or dietitian, but works to enhance and support these nutritional professionals with a healthy knowledge of exercise, behavior and nutrition sciences. A current and astoundingly large number of diabetes and pre-diabetes (along with a host of other chronic diseases) should be enough to lead a collaborative effort for the empowerment of healthy lifestyle change, wouldn't you say?

Check out the following article written by a holistic health & nutrition coach, accredited exercise physiologist & clinical pilates teacher that further explains some of the differences between health coaches, dietitians and nutritionists.

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