Monday, July 4, 2016

The Secret to Tapping YOUR Unlimited Inner Happiness

While this particular post has nothing to do with food -- it does indeed tap into many of the choices we make when it comes to the foods we eat, the friends we choose or how we even deal with our everyday lives. Another thought that comes to mind is how good one feels physically after having had a wholesome delicious and healthy meal as opposed to feeling not so good from too many chips and dip or pizza at that fun get-together last night with family or friends. You follow? In other words, all of our actions do matter and the choices we make day in and day out really matter.

"The idea that our happiness is somewhere outside of us, contingent upon some condition or some accomplishment, is not just wrong-it's dangerous. Because we end up chasing happiness in the place that it can never be found. And This fruitless endeavor is actually the source of our unhappiness".

Upon further reflection of this particular day, July 4th -- Independence Day -- it is just good to be thankful that we live here in the United States. Whether or not we have disagreements politically or otherwise, we have freedoms here that just are not acceptable to other places in the world. We can make good sound choices -- not only with the foods we eat -- but, the friends we choose, the family we decide to enjoy and so much more. It's time to be thankful for it all and by doing this simple act -- happiness is born.

Sometimes it is in the remembering of what we have now in our present lives that makes all of the difference!

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