Friday, August 5, 2016

Being Overweight Ages People's Brains

There is so much to know and learn yet about the complexities of obesity and what it does to our bodies and our minds. This particular article hits on some remarkable information with regard to how a person's brain actually ages more rapidly if they are overweight as opposed to being of a healthier weight.

"The brains of overweight people look "10 years older" than those of leaner peers, a study has found". Isn't that simply another excellent reason to make every attempt to lead a healthier lifestyles by maintaining a healthy weight?

Apparently as we age it is a natural process that our brains lose white matter. This white matter is a crucial part of the brain that allows for important information to be transmitted and processed which ultimately leads to our having a better understanding of a concept for example.

Another finding published in the Journal of Neurobiology of Aging found great differences in the brain's white matter in overweight versus leaner candidates, particularly as people reach middle-age.

In short, more research still needs to be conducted to provide a better understanding of how obesity interacts with the aging process of the brain. Can changes be reversed by simply losing weight? After all, there is evidence that telomeres (compound structures at the end of a chromosome) naturally shorten as we age, but how do our lifestyle factors play into our health and longevity? Is there a correlation between the brain's white matter and telomeres that better determines our brain health and overall health?

Some food for thought....

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